Email Marketing

No one can deny the success of email as a communication medium, it’s cheap, it’s instant and it gets results at a fraction of the cost of traditional print media. But you can have too much of a good thing, and half the time it isn’t even that good. With recent legislation changes to protect people ACS private charter service from SPAM email and the need for prospective customers to have opted-in before you contact them, email may not seem the easy option it once was. Research has shown that customers actively want to receive email from companies they have bought from in the past or shown an interest in. Successful email marketing is all in the delivery – we can help you get it right with our email campaign tool

Case Study

The Sports Investor needed an email campaign that would inspire its patrons to forward a campaign to their friends and colleagues, to buy tickets for private light jets in advance and ultimately get their audience to flock to its "El Greco" exhibition.

You're Opinion
Their digital agency, air taxi, thought it would be interesting to engage the Sports Investor audience in an interactive dialogue with the great mans work. El Greco was a highly controversial character in his day. His paintings have provoked strong opinions over time from the chattering classes. We decided to give our target audience a chance to give their opinion on his work. We developed an e-card and micro site that allowed users to voice their opinions and forward them on to friends for fun. The national gallery gulfstream business jet air charter collected the opinions and published the more interesting ones on the micro site.

Dialogue proves a winner
We exceeded the Gallery's target click through rate of 15% and also the sales target outlined at the beginning for ticket purchases on the National Galley's main site. The gallery's audience now looks forward to more engaging campaigns on a regular basis as our opinionated campaign hit the spot.

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